Generating Static Params

The generateStaticParams server function can be used in combination with dynamic route segments to define the list of route segment parameters that will be statically generated at build time instead of on-demand.

This replaces getStaticPaths with a simplified API. generateStaticParams doesn't require any context parameters. It runs at build time before the corresponding Layouts or Pages are generated. It will not be called again during revalidation (ISR).

export async function generateStaticParams() {
  const posts = await getPosts();

  return => ({
    slug: post.slug,

The primary benefit of the generateStaticParams function is its smart retrieval of data. If content is fetched within the generateStaticParams function using a fetch request, the requests are automatically deduplicated. This means a fetch request with the same arguments across multiple generateStaticParams, Layouts, and Pages will only be made once, which decreases build times.

Use the migration guide if you are migrating from the pages directory.

See generateStaticParams server function documentation for more information and advanced use cases.