App Directory Roadmap

Next.js 13 introduced the app directory with new features and conventions. As we continue to iterate on beta, APIs could change based on community feedback.

Supported and Planned Features

This is a non-exhaustive list of features currently supported in the app directory:

React 18Server Components✅ Default
React 18Client Components✅ Opt-in
React 18Shared Components🏗️
React 18Streaming✅
React 18Suspense✅
RoutingNested Layouts✅
RoutingDynamic Route Segments✅
RoutingRoute Groups✅
RoutingInstant Loading States with React Suspense✅
RoutingError Handling with React Error Boundaries✅
RoutingOther special files: page, not-found, template✅
RoutingAdvanced Routing Patterns: Parallel, Intercepting, and Conditional Routes🏗️
RoutingGlobal Error Page (404.js)🏗️
RenderingStatic Rendering✅ Default
RenderingDynamic Rendering✅ Opt-in
RenderingNode.js (Serverless) Rendering✅ Default
RenderingEdge Rendering✅ Opt-in
RenderingNode.js (Serverless) Streaming✅
RenderingEdge Streaming✅
Data FetchingStatic Site Generation (See Static Data Fetching)✅ Default
Data FetchingServer-side Rendering (See Dynamic Data Fetching)✅ Opt-in
Data FetchingIncremental Static Regeneration (See Revalidation)✅ Opt-in
Data Fetchingasync/await in Server Components✅
Data Fetchinguse() and fetch() in Client Components🏗️ Not implemented in React
Data Fetchingcache()🏗️ Only with Server Components
Data FetchingMutations🏗️ View temporary workaround
Data FetchingAPI Routes🏗️
OptimizationsAccessibility: Route Announcements🏗️
OptimizationsCustom web vitals reporting hooks🏗️
ConfigurationTypeScript Support🏗️
Configurationnext.config.js options🏗️
Configurationnext export🏗️
Configurationsrc Directory🏗️
ConfigurationEjected Server🏗️

Updated APIs

Some APIs have changed inside app versus pages. To see the full list, see the API Reference Section in the sidebar.

Not Planned Features

We are currently not planning to include the following features in app:

If you need any of these features, we will continue to support pages, including bug fixes and feature additions, for multiple major versions.